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Enter tomorrow! Webinars

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Enter Tomorrow! Webinars

Don‘t just survive – succeed!


We live in a disruptive world of constant change and unexpected challenges. A new Fear Economy is emerging, and we can no longer rely on the practices and processes of the past. But while the future is uncertain, there are unprecedented opportunities for marketers who are prepared to try new strategies and approaches.

Join Dr. Peter Steidl as he explores how your brands can not only survive but succeed in this new operating environment: how to gain market share in the short term, and longer-term strategies to secure your brands’ future. Over the course of one hour (including time for questions), Peter will cover:

  • What is causing the unprecedented high levels of stress and anxiety globally, and the rise of the new Fear Economy.
  • How consumers’ feelings and behavior are shaped by their expectations more than reality.
  • Why the Fear Economy is not just an aberration, but a transition to a totally new operating environment where disruption and change are the norm.
  • Research on what consumers are seeking to help them cope, and case examples of how brands are responding.
  • The dangers of relying on opportunistic moves with largely short-term impact.
  • A strategy framework to position brands for the long haul, and the importance of brave approaches in the absence of proven solutions.
  • How the Fear Economy impacts on organizations, and how to get your team battle-ready for the new operating environment.
  • Register today to save your seat! There are two events available on eventbrite:

    Europe & North America time zone:
    🗓️7th November 2023
    16:00 London (GMT+0), 17:00 Berlin (GMT+01:00), 11:00 New York (GMT-05:00)
    eventbrite Link 👉

    Asia-Pacific time zone:
    🗓️8th November 2023
    17:00 Sydney (GMT+11), 19:00 Auckland (GMT+13), 14:00 Singapore (GMT+08:00)
    eventbrite Link 👉

    About Dr. Peter Steidl
    Peter has consulted to Fortune Global 100 corporations, multinationals, government agencies and NGOs in more than twenty countries on five continents. He has worked in academia and with global agency networks including WPP, Omnicom and Dentsu Group, and has now found common purpose with Kochstrasse. Peter is the author/co-author of thirteen books, including six on neuromarketing, the latest being ‘Fearless Brands: Successful Brand Strategies for the Fear Economy’. Peter’s experience base is wide and varied, but he has never before seen such an unnerving, yet exciting time of disruption. His goal is to help businesses and their brands strengthen their market position despite the headwinds they are facing.

    About Enter Tomorrow
    We live in a disruptive world of constant change and unexpected challenges. A key competence for survival is the willingness and ability to respond to constant changes and challenges. The future is uncertain, but there are unprecedented opportunities for marketers who are prepared to take new strategic directions. Kochstrasse’s ‘Enter Tomorrow!’ series is dedicated to exploring new strategies for companies and brands that want to take advantage of these opportunities.

    About Kochstrasse
    Kochstrasse – Agentur für Marken is located in Hannover Germany and works locally and globally with clients who share our outlook. Which is? Don’t wait to be steamrolled by the waves of change! We think outside business as usual to address the challenges and opportunities that major change presents. Our disruptive, strategically-driven creative solutions are informed by neuro- and behavioral science to help brands confidently and successfully Enter Tomorrow.

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    Enter Tomorrow! Webinars | Don‘t just survive – succeed! | Dr. Peter Steidl &
    Enter Tomorrow! Webinars | Don‘t just survive – succeed! | Dr. Peter Steidl &
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    Kochstrasse™ ist eine unabhängige Kreativ- und Neurostrategie-Agentur mit mehr als 70 Kolleg:innen und Sitz in Hannover, die seit 1995 international mit Kunden zusammenarbeitet, von den USA bis Neuseeland. Unsere Neuromarketing-Expertise verleiht all unseren Arbeiten zusätzliche Schlagkraft, von der Geschäfts- und Markenstrategie bis hin zur kreativen Entwicklung und Umsetzung. Jede unserer Kernkompetenzen wird durch einzelne Geschäftsführer:innen geleitet, was die Integration und ein agiles, innovationsförderndes Umfeld gewährleistet. Unsere Arbeit wurde mit zahlreichen Kreativpreisen sowie mit dem Life Science Awards Neuromarketing Specialist of the Year 2023 (Westeuropa) ausgezeichnet.
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